A BCR-JAK2 fusion gene as the result of a t(9;22)(p24;q11) in a patient with acute myeloid leukemia

Gabriella Cirmena, Stefania Aliano, Giuseppina Fugazza, Roberto Bruzzone, Anna Garuti, Renata Bocciardi, Andrea Bacigalupo, Roberto Ravazzolo, Alberto Ballestrero, Mario Sessarego

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We report the occurrence of a BCR-JAK2 fusion gene in a case of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) resulting from a t(9;22)(p24;q11) translocation as the sole cytogenetic abnormality. The BCR-JAK2 fusion gene has the same breakpoint in BCR as is found in the BCR/ABL p210. The chimeric gene is the result of a reciprocal translocation between chromosomes 9 and 22, which implies a double break on chromosome 9; this has allowed generating an in-frame fusion transcript. Previously, BCR-JAK2 rearrangement was observed in a single case with atypical chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML), but in that case the breakpoint in the BCR was different.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)105-108
Number of pages4
JournalCancer Genetics and Cytogenetics
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2008


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