A comparison between mepivacaine- clonidine and mepivacaine-fentanyl for pediatric regional anesthesia

P. D E Negri, F. Borrelli

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Introductiorv.ClQnidine.an alpha-, agonist widely used for spinal administration in adults.is actually being studied in pédiatrie age in association to local anesthetics for epidural administration (1,2,3). Hypotension and bradycardia.the main side effects of neuraxial clonidine therapy , are less pronounced after epidural administration. Fentanyl.an opioid, has been largely used for epidural administration but its use in children is limited due to its side effects like nausea,urinary retention and respiratory depression. Aim of this study is to evaluate whether the mixture mepivacaine-clonidine is suitable for pédiatrie regional anesthesia,guaranting a satisfactory prolonged postoperative analgesia in comparison to a mepivacaine-fentanyl mixture . Mfiihfias:After parental informed consent and 1RS approval.ASA I patients (n=50),aged 1-6 years undergoing elective herniorrhaphy or orchidopexy received premedication with oral diazepam. General anesthesia was induced and maintained with halothane in OJair in spontaneous breathing; after LMA placement, caudal epidural block was performed. Patients were randomized to receive (Group A n=25) mepivacaine 1% 0.7 ml kg' + clonidine 2 meg kg"1 or (Group B n=25) mepivacaine 1% 0.7 ml kg ' + fentanyl 1 meg kg' .HR,NIBP,SpO2,RR, were recorded intra and postoperatively; postoperative analgesia was assessed using OPS scale(4); sedation by a five point scale;the time necessary for first urination was evaluated.Statistical analysis were performed with ANOVA.Student t-test with Bonferroni correction where appropriated.A p value

Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages1
JournalRegional Anesthesia
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1996

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