A ct-based radiomic signature can be prognostic for 10-months overall survival in metastatic tumors treated with nivolumab: An exploratory study

Valentina D.A. Corino, Marco Bologna, Giuseppina Calareso, Lisa Licitra, Mariagrazia Ghi, Gaetana Rinaldi, Francesco Caponigro, Franco Morelli, Mario Airoldi, Giacomo Allegrini, Alessandra Cassano, Daris Ferrari, Aurora Mirabile, Alicia Tosoni, Danilo Galizia, Marco Merlano, Andrea Sponghini, Gabriella Moretti, Luca Mainardi, Paolo Bossi

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Baseline clinical prognostic factors for recurrent and/or metastatic (RM) head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) treated with immunotherapy are lacking. CT-based radiomics may provide additional prognostic information. A total of 85 patients with RM-HNSCC were enrolled for this study. For each tumor, radiomic features were extracted from the segmentation of the largest tumor mass. A pipeline including different feature selection steps was used to train a radiomic signature prognostic for 10-month overall survival (OS). Features were selected based on their stability to geometrical transformation of the segmentation (intraclass correlation coefficient, ICC > 0.75) and their predictive power (area under the curve, AUC > 0.7). The predictive model was developed using the least absolute shrinkage and selection operator (LASSO) in combination with the support vector machine. The model was developed based on the first 68 enrolled patients and tested on the last 17 patients. Classification performance of the radiomic risk was evaluated accuracy and the AUC. The same metrics were computed for some baseline predictors used in clinical practice (volume of largest lesion, total tumor volume, number of tumor lesions, number of affected organs, performance status). The AUC in the test set was 0.67, while accuracy was 0.82. The performance of the radiomic score was higher than the one obtainable with the clinical variables (largest lesion volume: accuracy 0.59, AUC = 0.55; number of tumoral lesions: accuracy 0.71, AUC 0.36; number of affected organs: accuracy 0.47; AUC 0.42; total tumor volume: accuracy 0.59, AUC 0.53; performance status: accuracy 0.41, AUC = 0.47). Radiomics may provide additional baseline prognostic value compared to the variables used in clinical practice.

Original languageEnglish
Article number979
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2021


  • CT
  • Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
  • Overall survival
  • Radiomics

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