Un DRG anche per le cure palliative?

Translated title of the contribution: A DRG for palliative therapies as well?

P. Frati

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The current trend in health care is the system under which expenses are reimbursed according to types of services involved, which are categorized on the basis of the diagnosis upon release (DRG = diagnosis related group). This approach took hold in Italy following the reforms introduced in the years 1992-1994. A number of difficulties arose when it came to calculating the average cost of certain services which can vary widely, as is the case in the field of rehabilitation or in terms of palliative therapies. In october of 1996 a new DRG for palliative therapies was introduced in the USA, in what represented a major innovation in light of the aging of the population and problems tied to terminal illness. Here there exist margins for supplementary forms of mutual assistance and insurance, not to mention the general goal of improving the quality of life during a temporal phase towards which scarce attention - whether public of private - has been given in Italy.

Translated title of the contributionA DRG for palliative therapies as well?
Original languageItalian
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Publication statusPublished - 1997

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