A first survey of HPV-based screening in routine cervical cancer screening in Italy

HPV screening survey working group

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Pilot HPV-based cervical screening programmes have recently started in Italy, partly on the strength of a large randomized trial. The Ministry of Health recommended that regions shift toward HPV-based screening in early 2013 and provided guidelines for its application (stand-alone HPV testing by validated methods, cytological triage of HPV positives, beginning at age 30-35, 5-year intervals). A first survey on the 2012 activity was conducted in 2013. In 2012, 19 Italian organized cervical screening programmes from 10 regional programmes invited 311,856 women (8.0% of all women invited for cervical screening in 2012 in Italy) for HPV-based screening; 41.5% complied, with a decreasing North-South trend. Among screened women, 7.9% (range 4.3%-13.9%) were HPV positive, decreasing to 6.6% (range 4.0%-12.4%) when considering women aged 35-64 years. Among HPV positive women, 34.8% (with high variability between programmes: range 11.1%-59.3%) were judged to have ASC-US or more severe cytology (5.3% ASC-US, 26.6% L-SIL, 5.2% H-SIL). Out of all screened women, those referred to colposcopy based on HPV and cytology results were 2.9% (range 0.6%-4.8%), whereas they were 2.0% when considering only women aged 35-64 years.

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  • Cervical cancer
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