A proposito di un nuovo cosmetico per la cellulite: Studio pilota multicentrico

Translated title of the contribution: A new cosmetic treatment for cellulite: A pilot multicentric study

A. Tedeschi, F. Dall'oglio, A. Sparavigna, A. Cantù, C. Rigoni, L. Atzori, M. Belmontesi, A. Barba, R. Barbati, E. Battaino, C. Belloli, M. Bertazzoni, A. Bettin, G. Calabrò, N. Cameli, A. L. Carmagnola, M. Carrera, N. Cassano, F. Cencetti, A. CiuffreddaD. Colombo, S. Croci, S. Curia, M. P. De Padova, V. Dente, G. Fabbrocini, F. Fabianelli, P. Forgione, S. Fortunato, C. Foti, I. Ghersetich, E. Gibelli, L. Maestroni, D. Marciani, A. Marcucci, G. Mazzola, N. Mochi, M. L. Musumeci, M. R. Nasca, D. Postiglione, E. Pritelli, N. Pulvirenti, S. Robotti, M. Romagnoli, M. C. Romano, N. Russo, D. Schena, R. Strumia, A. Tosti, L. Villa, C. Vincenzi

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Cellulite is a chronic disorder especially affecting females. It is the result of multiple alterations of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissue, including increased capillary permeability, adipocytic hyperplasia and hypertrophy as well as fluid stasis in the interstitial spaces. The correct management approach should be able to improve microcirculation and stimulate lipolysis, modifying the primary pathogenetic factors of the disease. However, in order to achieve a satisfactory therapeutic response, it is important to identify and to treat cellulite at its early reversible stages (stages I e II). A pilot multicentric study on 336 women aged 30 to 50 years aimed to evaluate the efficacy and tolerability of a new cosmetic treatment for cellulite increasing lipolysis and cutaneous elasticity is presented.

Translated title of the contributionA new cosmetic treatment for cellulite: A pilot multicentric study
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)71-78
Number of pages8
JournalDermatologia Clinica
Issue number3-4
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2007

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