Un nuovo test (VITTORIO Test) per la valutazione dell'efficienza fisica in soggetti ammessi a programmi di riabilitazione dopo intervento di chirurgia cardiaca

Translated title of the contribution: A new test (VITTORIO Test) for functional fitness assessment in rehabilitation after cardiac surgery

Giuseppe Calsamiglia, Federica Camera, Antonio Mazza, Paola Villa, Francesca Gigli Berzolari, Roberto Tramarin, Franco Cobelli

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An adequate assessment of physical function (PF) in Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) plays a central role in early detection of physical limitations. Traditionally exercise tolerance has been used as an indicator of overall PF. However exercise tolerance has been shown to poorly predict patients' ability to perform daily-life activities. The goal of the present study is to evaluate a new test, named VITTORIO TEST, for assessing various component of daily activities among patients in CR after cardiac surgery. VITTORIO test consists in 8 items that assess lower and upper extremity strength and flexibility, agility, dynamic balance, aerobic capacity. 500 patients (359 males; 141 females) admitted to CR programs following cardiac surgery (349 coronary artery bypass surgery; 151 valvular surgery) were enrolled in the study. They were evaluated with an initial test (T1) (10.7±6.3 days after cardiac surgery) and a final test (T2) after a in-hospital intensive training program (mean length 16.8 ± 6.6 days) consisting in stretching, large muscle group and aerobic activity, resistance exercises. Statistical analysis showed a significant improvement of all items at the end of the rehabilitation program. Old patients (>70 years) and particularly females demonstrate exercise improvement comparable to that of younger subjects especially regards lower extremity strength and aerobic capacity. VITTORIO test is inexpensive, simple and easy to perform by the patient. Through the identification and the measurement of different aspects of physical disability, it allows a personalized rehabilitation exercise program. It could be used as an outcome measure of CR programs.

Translated title of the contributionA new test (VITTORIO Test) for functional fitness assessment in rehabilitation after cardiac surgery
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)8-18
Number of pages11
JournalMonaldi Archives for Chest Disease - Cardiac Series
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2005

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