A randomized trial of factor VIII and neutralizing antibodies in hemophilia A

F. Peyvandi, P. M. Mannucci, I. Garagiola, A. El-Beshlawy, M. Elalfy, V. Ramanan, P. Eshghi, S. Hanagavadi, R. Varadarajan, M. Karimi, M. V. Manglani, C. Ross, G. Young, T. Seth, S. Apte, D. M. Nayak, E. Santagostino, M. E. Mancuso, A. C. Sandoval Gonzalez, J. N. MahlanguS. Bonanad Boix, M. Cerqueira, N. P. Ewing, C. Male, T. Owaidah, Soto V. Arellano, N. L. Kobrinsky, S. Majumdar, R. Perez Garrido, A. Sachdeva, M. Simpson, M. Thomas, E. Zanon, B. Antmen, K. Kavakli, M. J. Manco-Johnson, M. Martinez, E. Marzouka, M. G. Mazzucconi, D. Neme, A. Palomo Bravo, R. Paredes Aguilera, A. Prezotti, K. Schmitt, B. M. Wicklund, B. Zulfikar, F. R. Rosendaal

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BACKGROUND: The development of neutralizing anti-factor VIII alloantibodies (inhibitors) in patients with severe hemophilia A may depend on the concentrate used for replacement therapy. METHODS We conducted a randomized trial to assess the incidence of factor VIII inhibitors among patients treated with plasma-derived factor VIII containing von Willebrand factor or recombinant factor VIII. Patients who met the eligibility criteria (male sex, age

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2054-2064
Number of pages11
JournalNew England Journal of Medicine
Issue number21
Publication statusPublished - May 26 2016

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