A Scoping Review of Quality of Life Questionnaires in Glaucoma Patients

Gus Gazzard, Miriam Kolko, Michele Iester, David P. Crabb

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Précis: Multiple questionnaires exist to measure glaucoma's impact on quality of life. Selecting the right questionnaire for the research question is essential, as is patients' acceptability of the questionnaire to enable collection of relevant patient-reported outcomes. Purpose: Quality of life (QoL) relating to a disease and its treatment is an important dimension to capture. This scoping review sought to identify the questionnaires most appropriate for capturing the impact of glaucoma on QoL. Methods: A literature search of QoL questionnaires used in glaucoma, including patient-reported outcomes measures, was conducted and the identified questionnaires were analysed using a developed quality criteria assessment. Results: Forty-one QoL questionnaires were found which were analysed with the detailed quality criteria assessment leading to a summary score. This identified the top 10 scoring QoL questionnaires rated by a synthesis of the quality criteria grid, considering aspects such as reliability and reproducibility, and the authors' expert clinical opinion. The results were ratified in consultation with an international panel of ophthalmologists (N=49) from the Educational Club of Ocular Surface and Glaucoma representing 23 countries. Conclusions: Wide variability among questionnaires used to determine vision related QoL in glaucoma and in the responses elicited was identified. In conclusion, no single existing QoL questionnaire design is suitable for all purposes in glaucoma research, rather we have identified the top 10 from which the questionnaire most appropriate to the study objective may be selected. Development of a new questionnaire that could better distinguish between treatments in terms of vision and treatment-related QoL would be useful that includes the patient perspective of treatment effects as well as meeting requirements of regulatory and health authorities. Future work could involve development of a formal weighting system with which to comprehensively assess the quality of QoL questionnaires used in glaucoma.

Original languageEnglish
JournalJournal of Glaucoma
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 2021


  • glaucoma
  • patient-reported outcomes measure
  • quality of life
  • questionnaire
  • treatment

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