Activated lymphocytes in glioblastoma: Significance for anti-tumoral immunity

L. Lorusso, R. Nano, E. Capelli, K. Marinu-Aktipi, E. Benericetti, G. Giardini, M. Ceroni

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Interaction between immune cells and tumoral cells of a case of glioblastoma was studied. Tissue fragments obtained during neurosurgery from different areas of the tumor were examined before and after rIL-2 treatment in vitro. The same morphofunctional type of cells usually activated by rIL-2, which show antitumoral reactivity, was observed both in the glioblastoma imprints and in tumoral fragments cultured with rIL-2. This cytokine stimulated the proliferation of tumor infiltrating lymphocytes in vitro. This preliminary study shows that IL-2 potentiates the differentiation of HMS cells in peripheral blood which probably pass through the blood brain barrier and infiltrate the tumor.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)198-205
Number of pages8
JournalActa Neurologica
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1994


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Lorusso, L., Nano, R., Capelli, E., Marinu-Aktipi, K., Benericetti, E., Giardini, G., & Ceroni, M. (1994). Activated lymphocytes in glioblastoma: Significance for anti-tumoral immunity. Acta Neurologica, 49(4), 198-205.