Activity of Eribulin in a primary culture of well-differentiated/dedifferentiated adipocytic sarcoma

Alessandro De Vita, Giacomo Miserocchi, Federica Recine, Laura Mercatali, Federica Pieri, Laura Medri, Alberto Bongiovanni, Davide Cavaliere, Chiara Liverani, Chiara Spadazzi, Dino Amadori, Toni Ibrahim

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Eribulin mesylate is a novel, non-taxane, synthetic microtubule inhibitor showing antitumor activity in a wide range of tumors including soft tissue sarcomas (STS). Eribulin has been recently approved for the treatment of metastatic liposarcoma (LPS) patients previously treated with anthracyclines. This work investigated the mechanism of action of this innovative antitubulin agent in well-differentiated/dedifferentiated LPS (ALT/DDLPS) which represents one of the most common adipocytic sarcoma histotypes. A primary culture of ALT/DDLPS from a 54-year-old patient was established. The anticancer activity of eribulin on the patient-derived primary culture was assessed by MTT and tunel assays. Eribulin efficacy was compared to other drugs approved for the treatment of STS. Cell migration and morphology were examined after exposure to eribulin to better understand the drug mechanism of action. Finally, Western blot analysis of apoptosis and migration proteins was performed. The results showed that eribulin exerts its antiproliferative effect by the arrest of cell motility and induction of apoptosis. Our results highlighted the activity of eribulin in the treatment of ALT/DDLPS patients.

Original languageEnglish
Article number21121662
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Dec 1 2016


  • Adipocytic sarcoma
  • Eribulin
  • Microtubule inhibitors
  • Primary culture

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