Addendum to chapter 1: Updated indications for perioperative TEE

Robert Feneck, John Kneeshaw, Marco Ranucci

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The evidence supporting the indications for perioperative TEE has evolved over time. The lack of randomized controlled trials and meta-analyses has previously justified a cautious approach. The earlier North American guidelines referred to in Chapter 1 identified separate classes of indications, including recommendations on those conditions where TEE is recommended for use, and on those where it is not (see Table 1.2). Previously published European Guidelines made no mention of separate indications for perioperative echocardiography. Very recently, guidelines and recommendations for the use of perioperative TEE from North America and Europe have been updated. Both groups have produced similar recommendations, which differ from previously published guidelines in some important respects. We believe that these new recommendations are sufficiently important to justify this addendum. The new guidelines from North America make a number of recommendations, as shown in Table 1. Most strikingly, they recommend that “for adult patients without contraindications, TEE should be used in all open heart (e.g., valvular procedures) and thoracic aortic surgical procedures, and should be considered in CABG surgeries as well.” In addition to a survey of the literature, these authors took opinion from expert consultants and experienced practitioners. of the 58 experts, 96% agreed with the proposition that “TEE should be used for all cardiac and thoracic aortic surgical patients.”

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Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2010

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