Advanced analysis of pressure-flow study in children: Normal values (preliminary results)

M. L. Capitanucci, G. Mosiello, M. Silveri, M. De Gennaro

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The advanced analysis of Pressure-Flow Study is extensively used in adults, to distinguish bladder outlet obstruction from detrusor hypocontractility. It has never been used in children either because the normal parameters have been established only for adults, or because clinical applications for this urodynamic test have been proposed. In order to verify if pressure-flow analysis (PFA) parameters elaborated for adults can be applied to children, and to identify the normal PFA values of detrusor contractility (Vdet and WF) and outlet obstruction (URA) in paediatric age, we analyzed by a mathematical system (A.UR.A, Pico Compact Menfis, Italy) 11 normal PFS performed in 11 male children, with monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis, aged 6-13 years. All had normal filling phase, bladder capacity, voiding pressure and flow rates. The mean values and standard deviation of Vdet, WF and URA (age group 6-13 years) were, respectively: 11.05±2.11 mm/sec., 22.03±4.03 μW/mm and 26.3±8.38. Two age-related subgroups have been considered: 6 to 8 (n=5) and 10 to 13 years (n=6). The mean values of PFA parameters are: Vdet=9.38±2.07 mm/sec., WF=20.14±3.46 and URA=32.6±5.71 in the 6-8 years subgroups; Vdet=12.45±0.54 mm/sec, WF=23.61±3.79 μW/mm, URA=21.16±6.49 in the 10-13 years subgroups. Using the Schafer's diagram, the detrusor power resulted 'normal' in 6 cases, 'strong' in 5 and in no patient resulted weak. The changing values of PFA parameters in different paediatric age groups and the results of Schafer's diagram confirm the applicability of the PFA, elaborated for adults, in children. The values of PFA parameters, identified as 'normal' in this study, must be supported by a larger series of PFA performed in 'normal children'.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)211-215
Number of pages5
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Publication statusPublished - 1998


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  • Pressure-flow study

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