Age-related modulation of plasmatic beta-Galactosidase activity in healthy subjects and in patients affected by T2DM

Liana Spazzafumo, Emanuela Mensà, Giulia Matacchione, Tiziana Galeazzi, Lucia Zampini, Rina Recchioni, Fiorella Marcheselli, Francesco Prattichizzo, Roberto Testa, Roberto Antonicelli, Paolo Garagnani, Massimo Boemi, Massimiliano Bonafè, Anna Rita Bonfigli, Antonio Domenico Procopio, Fabiola Olivieri

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β-Galactosidase (β-Gal) activity has been the most extensively utilized biomarker for the detection of cellular senescence. It can be measured also in plasma, and few recent evidence showed an altered plasmatic β-Gal activity in patients affected by some age-related diseases (ARDs). Since T2DM is one of the most common ARDs, we aimed to investigate if plasmatic β-Gal activity is modulated in T2DM patients and if "age" could affect such modulation. To gain mechanistic insights we paralleled this investigation with the evaluation of β-Gal activity in young and senescent endothelial cells (HUVECs) cultured in normo- and hyper-glycaemic environment. A significant age-related increase of plasmatic β-Gal activity was observed in healthy subjects (n. 230; 55-87 years), whereas the enzymatic activity was significantly reduced in T2DM patients (n. 230; 55-96 years) compared to healthy subjects. β-Gal activity detectable both in cells and in the culture medium was significantly increased in senescent cells compared to the younger ones, both under normoand hyper-glycaemic condition. However, the hyper-glycaemic condition was not associated with an increased β-Gal activity in milieu compared to normo-glycaemic condition. Overall our data reinforce the notion that plasmatic β-Gal activity could be a systemic biomarker of aging, whereas T2DM patients are characterized by a different age-releated trend.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)93338-93348
Number of pages11
Issue number55
Publication statusPublished - Nov 1 2017


  • Aging
  • Beta galactosidase activity
  • Cellular senescence
  • Gerotarget
  • Inflammaging
  • Type 2 diabetes

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