Anaesthesia and cardiopulmonary bypass aspects of fast track

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Fast track cardiac surgery involves the pre-requisite of an anaesthesia management based on short-acting agents. Many of the historical challenges have been now overcome by the availability of new-generation agents. Nevertheless, the tasks being actually asked to the cardiac anaesthesiologist for a successful fast track sequence include not only guaranteeing the adequate anaesthesia and analgesia levels but an overall intraoperative management limiting the occurrence of early post-operative complications, including an appropriate monitoring of neurologic and haemodynamic functions, as well as a careful management of haemostatic system. Additionally, a close co-operation with perfusionists and surgeons could greatly contribute for a successful fast track program.

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JournalEuropean Heart Journal, Supplement
Publication statusPublished - Jan 1 2017


  • cardiopulmonary bypass
  • Fast track

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