Arterial priapism and cycling: A new worrisome reality?

Aldo Franco De Rose, Matteo Giglio, Giovanni De Caro, Carlo Corbu, Paolo Traverso, Giorgio Carmignani

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Arterial priapism is a rare condition caused by the traumatic formation of an arteriolacunar fistula. We report 2 cases of arterial priapism after cycling injuries. Both patients sustained a violent perineal trauma against the top tube on the bicycle. In both cases, penile detumescence was obtained by superselective arteriographic embolization of the fistula with gelatin sponge or microcoil. The fistula was monolateral in the first case and bilateral in the second. Cycling should be considered a possible risk factor for arterial priapism as it is for urethritis, prostatitis, hematuria, testicular torsion, scrotal and penile numbness, and erectile dysfunction.

Original languageEnglish
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2001

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  • Urology

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    De Rose, A. F., Giglio, M., De Caro, G., Corbu, C., Traverso, P., & Carmignani, G. (2001). Arterial priapism and cycling: A new worrisome reality? Urology, 58(3).