Arthroscopic evaluation and treatment by tendon interpositional arthroplasty of first carpometacarpal joint arthritis.

L. Pegoli, C. Parolo, T. Ogawa, S. Toh, G. Pajardi

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Basal joint arthritis of the thumb is usually seen in females beginning from the fourth and fifth decades. In the last two decades, arthroscopic techniques have brought new chances of diagnosis and treatment for this condition. In this paper, the authors describe the indications and their experience concerning arthroscopic hemitrapezectomy and tendon interposition using the palmaris longus tendon. A series of 16 patients with a maximum follow-up of 12 months is analysed. All of the 16 patients were followed and assessed with grasp strength, pinch strength, DASH and MAYO evaluation score both pre- and post-operatively at 12 months follow-up. According to the MAYO score, there were six excellent results, six good, three fair and one poor. No complications occurred. According to our preliminary results, this procedure with the proper indications gives a valid option for the treatment of thumb carpometacarpal joint arthritis in stages I and II according to Eaton's classification.


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