Assessment of Frequency-Place Mismatch by Flat-Panel CT and Correlation With Cochlear Implant Performance

Diego Zanetti, Giorgio Conte, Federica Di Berardino, Francesco Lo Russo, Sara Cavicchiolo, Fabio Triulzi

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OBJECTIVE: To calculate the frequency allocation mismatch in a group of very selected cochlear implant (CI) recipients and to contrast it with the speech perception performances. STUDY DESIGN: Cross-sectional observational prospective study. SETTINGS: Tertiary Audiological Department, University hospital. PATIENTS: Fifteen adults receiving the same CI array by the same surgeon through a posterior tympanotomy, round window approach. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: 1) High definition flat panel computed tomography (FPCT) control of the intracochlear position of each electrode contact, and computation of the relative frequency allocation mismatch; 2) analysis of speech perception outcomes in relation with the mismatch. RESULTS: Despite a consistent and reproducible surgical procedure with the same intracochlear array, significant deviations from the frequency allocation tables (FAT) assigned by default by the manufacturer were observed in this study.Their influences on speech perception performances were negligible in the simple tasks of words or sentences recognition in quiet (and, to a lesser extent also in noise). The greatest effect of a significant mismatch was observed for the vocal-consonant-vocal (VCV) sequences recognition under noise masking, the emotional and the linguistic prosody recognition, and the phonemes discrimination of the Auditory Speech Sound Evaluation (A§E) test. CONCLUSIONS: The greatest frequency-to-place occurred at the high frequencies. The effect was rather irrelevant on simple words and sentences recognition, while it negatively impacted on the more complex perceptual tasks.

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