Association of Germline BRCA Pathogenic Variants With Diminished Ovarian Reserve: A Meta-Analysis of Individual Patient-Level Data

Volkan Turan, Matteo Lambertini, Dong Yun Lee, Erica Wang, Florian Clatot, Beth Y. Karlan, Isabelle Demeestere, Heejung Bang, Kutluk Oktay

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PURPOSE: To determine whether germline BRCA (gBRCA) pathogenic variants are associated with decreased ovarian reserve. MATERIALS AND METHODS: An individual patient-level data meta-analysis was performed using five data sets on 828 evaluable women who were tested for gBRCA. Of those, 250 carried gBRCA, whereas 578 had tested negative and served as controls. Of the women with gBRCA, four centers studied those affected with breast cancer (n = 161) and one studied unaffected individuals (n = 89). The data were adjusted for the center, age, body mass index, smoking, and oral contraceptive pill use before the final analysis. Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels in affected women were drawn before presystemic therapy. RESULTS: The mean age of women with versus without gBRCA1/2 (34.1 ± 4.9 v 34.3 ± 4.8 years; P = .48) and with gBRCA1 versus gBRCA2 (33.7 ± 4.9 v 34.6 ± 4.8 years; P = .16) was similar. After the adjustments, women with gBRCA1/2 had significantly lower AMH levels compared with controls (23% lower; 95% CI, 4 to 38; P = .02). When the adjusted analysis was limited to affected women (157 with gBRCA v 524 without, after exclusions), the difference persisted (25% lower; 95% CI, 9 to 38; P = .003). The serum AMH levels were lower in women with gBRCA1 (33% lower; 95% CI, 12 to 49; P = .004) but not gBRCA2 compared with controls (7% lower; 95% CI, 31% lower to 26% higher; P = .64). CONCLUSION: Young women with gBRCA pathogenic variants, particularly those affected and with gBRCA1, have lower serum AMH levels compared with controls. They may need to be preferentially counseled about the possibility of shortened reproductive lifespan because of diminished ovarian reserve.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2016-2024
Number of pages9
JournalJournal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology
Issue number18
Publication statusPublished - Jun 20 2021

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