Autologous platelet collection to support breast cancer patients undergoing high-dose chemotherapy

C. Perotti, L. Torretta, G. Domini, G. Viarengo, S. Bernuzzi, A. Livraghi, S. Carbone, L. Roveda, A. Iannone, F. Vaniglia, P. Pedrazzoli, G. A. Da Prada, L. Salvaneschi

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Purpose. Breast cancer patients undergoing high-dose chemotherapy (HDC) realize a fast hematopoietic recovery with circulating progenitor cell (CPC) support. Severe thrombocytopenia occurs in most of these patients requiring few platelet transfusions to face bleeding episodes or as prophylaxis. Our aim was to make patients free from allogeneic platelet support, collecting autologous platelets (A-plt) by apheresis during the platelet rebound that occurs after the mobilization regimen administered to collect CPC. Methods. We performed 25 plateletaphereses (PLTa) in 25 breast cancer patients during the thrombocytosis phase consequent to the mobilizing regimen (CTX 7 gr/m2 + G-CSF 5 μg/kg). Spectra Cobe and CS 3000 Plus cell separators were employed with the following parameters: 90 min processing time; blood flow rate 40-60 ml/min; 1-1.5 whole blood volumes processed; ACD-A/blood flow rate ratio 1:10. Ca gluconate was prophylactically administered. Autologous plasma (200 ml) was also collected. A-plt were freezed and stored in liquid nitrogen. Results. The mean number of A-plt collected per apheresis was 8 × 10e11, realized with a mean pit precount of 384 × 10e9/L. Recovery after thawing was meanly 60%. No side effects occured during the plateletaphereses. All patients except one were exclusively supported with A-plt, assuming 20.000 plt/mL as trigger value for prophylactic transfusion. CCI was > 7.5 in 23 of 25 patients. Conclusion. Collection of A-plt with a single apheresis taking advantage of the thrombocytosis phase after chemotherapy permits to support with A-pIt almost all our selected patients, avoiding the well-known homologous transfusion related risks.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)318
Number of pages1
JournalInfusionstherapie und Transfusionsmedizin
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 1997

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