CAP (Cbl associated protein) regulates receptor-mediated endocytosis

Daniela Tosoni, Gianluca Cestra

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CAP (c-Cbl associated protein)/ponsin belongs to a family of adaptor proteins implicated in cell adhesion and signaling. Here we show that CAP binds to and co-localizes with the essential endocytic factor dynamin. We demonstrate that CAP promotes the formation of dynamin-decorated tubule like structures, which are also coated with actin filaments. Accordingly, we found that the expression of CAP leads to the inhibition of dynamin-mediated endocytosis and increases EGFR stability. Thus, we suggest that CAP may coordinate the function of dynamin with the regulation of the actin cytoskeleton during endocytosis. Structured summary: MINT-6804322:. CAP (uniprotkb:Q9BX66) physically interacts (MI:0218) with Cbl (uniprotkb:Q8K4S7) and dynamin 2 (uniprotkb:P39052) by pull down (MI:0096). MINT-6804285:. CAP (uniprotkb:Q9BX66) physically interacts (MI:0218) with FAK (uniprotkb:O35346), vinculin (uniprotkb:P85972) and dynamin 2 (uniprotkb:P39052) by pull down (MI:0096). MINT-6804245, MINT-6804259, MINT-6804272:. CAP (uniprotkb:Q9BX66) physically interacts (MI:0218) with dynamin 2 (uniprotkb:P39052) by pull down (MI:0096). MINT-6804344:. CAP (uniprotkb:Q9BX66) physically interacts (MI:0218) with dynamin 2 (uniprotkb:P50570) by anti tag coimmunoprecipitation (MI:0007). MINT-6804371:. dynamin 1 (uniprotkb:P21575) physically interacts (MI:0218) with CAP (uniprotkb:O35413) by anti bait coimmunoprecipitation (MI:0006). MINT-6804446, MINT-6804464:. F-actin (uniprotkb:P60709), CAP (uniprotkb:Q9BX66) and dynamin 2 (uniprotkb:P50570) colocalize (MI:0403) by fluorescence microscopy (MI:0416).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)293-300
Number of pages8
JournalFEBS Letters
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jan 22 2009


  • Dynamin
  • Podosome
  • Receptor trafficking

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