Cardiovascular events in patients with mild autonomous cortisol secretion: Analysis with artificial neural networks

Valentina Morelli, Serena Palmieri, Andrea Lania, Alberto Tresoldi, Sabrina Corbetta, Elisa Cairoli, Cristina Eller-Vainicher, Maura Arosio, Massimiliano Copetti, Enzo Grossi, Iacopo Chiodini

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Background: The independent role of mild autonomous cortisol secretion (ACS) in influencing the cardiovascular event (CVE) occurrence is a topic of interest. We investigated the role of mild ACS in the CVE occurrence in patients with adrenal incidentaloma (AI) by standard statistics and artificial neural networks (ANNs). Methods: We analyzed a retrospective record of 518 AI patients. Data regarding cortisol levels after 1 mg dexamethasone suppression (1 mg DST) and the presence of obesity (OB), hypertension (AH), type-2 diabetes (T2DM), dyslipidemia (DL), familial CVE history, smoking habit and CVE were collected. Results: The receiver-operating characteristic curve analysis suggested that 1 mg DST, at a cut-off of 1.8 μg/dL, had the best accuracy for detecting patients with increased CVE risk. In patients with 1 mg-DST ≥1.8 μg/dL (DST+, n = 223), age and prevalence of AH, T2DM, DL and CVE (66 years, 74.5, 25.9, 41.4 and 26.8% respectively) were higher than that of patients with 1 mg-DST ≤1.8 μg/dL (61.9 years, 60.7, 18.5, 32.9 and 10%, respectively, P < 0.05 for all). The CVE were associated with DST+ (OR: 2.46, 95% CI: 1.5-4.1, P = 0.01), regardless of T2DM, AH, DL, smoking habit, gender, observation period and age. The presence of at least two among AH, T2DM, DL and OB plus DST+ had 61.1% sensitivity in detecting patients with CVE. By using the variables selected by ANNs (familial CVE history, age, T2DM, AH, DL and DST+) 78.7% sensitivity was reached. Conclusions: Cortisol after 1 mg-DST is independently associated with the CVE occurrence. The ANNs might help for assessing the CVE risk in AI patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)73-83
Number of pages11
JournalEuropean Journal of Endocrinology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Jul 1 2017

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