Cellular kinetic differences between Hodgkin's and anaplastic large cell lymphomas: Relation to the expression of p34(cdc2) and cyclin B-1

Lorenzo Leoncini, Tiziana Megha, Stefano Lazzi, Cristiana Bellan, Pietro Luzi, Piero Tosi, Gabriele Cevenini, Paolo Barbini, Stefano Ascani, Aspasia Briskomatis, Stefano Pileri, Rainer Kraft, Jean A. Laissue, Hans Cottier

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Our study was designed to compare cellular kinetic parameters of classical Hodgkin's disease (HD) with those of anaplastic large cell lymphomas (ALCL-C, common type; and ALCL-HL, Hodgkin's like), with a particular focus on the G2/M transition. These disorders share some phenotypic properties, e.g., CD30 positivity of putative neoplastic cells. The percentages of cells expressing p34(cdc2) (p34) and cyclin B-1 (cyclin- B), which form a complex (maturation/mitosis promoting factor, MPF) regulating the G2-M phases of the cell cycle, were also registered. Highly significant differences between HD and ALCL-C were recognized: a) in HD, evidence for abortive mitosis (i.e., difficulty to proceed beyond the metaphase stage) and consequent multinucleation and/or deletion of CD30+ cells was prominent, in contrast to ALCL-C. This was associated with a markedly lower fraction of large atypical cells (LAC) expressing cyclin-B in the cytoplasm and the nucleus (C + N) in HD than in ALCL-C; b) the extent of multinucleation of CD30+ cells in HD, but not in ALCL-C, was correlated with the %p34+ LAC; c) the proportions of LAC expressing p34 and/or cyclin-B (C) were positively related to the percentages of cyclin-B (C + N)+ LAC in ALCL- C but not in HD; d) in HD, in contrast to ALCL-C, the size of the fraction of cyclin-B (C + N)+ LAC did not correlate with the ana/telophase indices (ATI, reflecting successful completion of mitosis) and the magnitude of cell loss; e) in ALCL-C, the percentages of p34+ LAC were positively correlated with ATI or the degree of CD30+ cell deletion, but inversely in HD. With regard to all parameters mentioned above, ALCL-HL tended to take an intermediate position between HD and ALCL-C, but sided more with the latter. In conclusion, our present results suggest a derangement of MPF kinetics and functions that is more profound in HD than in ALCL-C.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)408-414
Number of pages7
JournalInternational Journal of Cancer
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1998

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