Chemical and microbiological characterization for PDO labelling of typical east piedmont (Italy) Salami

V. Gianotti, S. Panseri, E. Robotti, M. Benzi, E. Mazzucco, F. Gosetti, P. Frascarolo, M. Oddone, M. Baldizzone, E. Marengo, L. M. Chiesa

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This study is focused on the characterisation of typical salami produced in Alessandria province (North West of Italy). Seventeen small or medium salami producers from this area were involved in the study and provided the samples investigated. The aim is double and consists in obtaining a screening of the characteristics of different products and following their evolution along ripening. The study involved five types of typical salami that were characterised for aroma components and nutritional features. This approach could provide a basis for a possible PDO or PGI label request. Principal Component Analysis and cluster analysis were used as multivariate statistical tools for data treatment. The overall results obtained point out that the products investigated do not deviate from analogous European products and show the possibility of characterising by specific parameters three main groups of samples: Salamini di Mandrogne, Muletta, and Nobile Giarolo; moreover some considerations can also be drawn with respect to the nutritional characterization considering the biogenic amines profile.

Original languageEnglish
Article number597471
JournalJournal of Chemistry
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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