Chemotherapy with cisplatin and 5-fluorouracil chronomodulated infusion in locally advanced or metastatic/recurrent carcinoma of the cervix

Loredana Miglietta, Milena Bruzzone, Gloria Ghione, Alessio Pepe, Cristina Marenghi, Nicola Ragni, Francesco Boccardo

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Aims and background: The purpose of this study was to review our experience with the combination of circadian chronomodulated 5-fluorouracil infusion in association with cisplatin in patients with locally advanced or metastatic cancer of the cervix in order to assess the activity and tolerability of the combination. Methods: Twenty patients with locally advanced disease and 21 patients with metastatic or recurrent disease were treated from January 1995 to May 1999. 5-fluorouracil (600 mg/m2, days 1 to 5) was administered by a continuous circadian-shaped infusion employing an external programmable portable pump; cisplatinum (20 mg/m2) was infused days 1 through 5 iv over a 2-hr period. Response to treatment was evaluated after 3 and 6 cycles of therapy. Patients with locally advanced disease who achieved a clinical shrinkage of their tumor or were at least stable were submitted to surgery; pelvic radiotherapy was administered to patients with disease progression. Results: Seven patients with locally advanced disease achieved a partial clinical response (overall response, 35%; 95% Cl, 15.4-59.2), and 12 of 20 patients were submitted to surgery. Median progression-free and overall survival were 17 months and 36 months, respectively. Objective responses were observed in 9 of 21 patients with metastatic/recurrent disease (7 partial plus 2 minor responses: overall response 43%; 95% Cl, 21.8-65.9). Median time to progression and overall survival were 5 and 17 months, respectively. Conclusions: Cisplatinum plus 5-fluorouracil chronomodulated infusion showed a moderate but definite activity and was well tolerated in both groups of patients. In consideration of clinical results comparable to more toxic and expensive regimens reported in the literature, the combination appears to be a reasonable option especially for women with metastatic/recurrent cervical carcinoma and a promising treatment in combination with definitive radiotherapy in patients with locally advanced disease.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)204-208
Number of pages5
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2002


  • Cervical cancer
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  • Chronomodulated infusion

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