Cisplatin+vinorelbine treatment of recurrent or metastatic salivary gland malignancies (RMSGM): A final report on 60 cases

Mario Airoldi, Massimiliano Garzaro, Fulvia Pedani, Oliviero Ostellino, Giovanni Succo, Giuseppe Riva, Matteo Sensini, Nertila Naqe, Elisa Bellini, Luca Raimondo, Giancarlo Pecorari

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OBJECTIVES: Recurrent or metastatic salivary gland malignancies (RMSGM) are not suitable for conventional treatment. We report the clinical outcomes of 60 patients affected by RMSGM who were treated with DDP+VNB as a first-line or second-line scheme. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty patients between 2001 and 2008, affected by RMSGM were enrolled in this cohort prospective study; they received the following first-line or second-line chemotherapy (CT), for a maximum of 6 cycles: DDP at 80 mg/m on day 1+VNB at 25 mg/m on day 1 and 8, at 3-week intervals. RESULTS: Seventy percent of the patients received DDP+VNB as the first-line CT and 30% of them received it as the second-line CT. After 5 cycles (median) of first-line DDP+VNB, 7% of the patients achieved a complete response, 24% achieved a partial response, 33% achieved an no change, and 36% achieved a PD. After 4 cycles (median) of second-line CT, 0 patients achieved a CR, 5% achieved a PR, 33% achieved an NC, and 62% achieved a PD. The median overall survival period was 10 months for those who received the first-line CT and 4 months for those who received the second-line CT. The best ORR (54%) and median survival were observed, during first-line treatment, in adenocarcinomas, whereas undifferentiated tumours were unresponsive with a poor median survival (4.6 mo). CONCLUSIONS: Adenocarcinomas show the best response and prognosis with DDP+VNB scheme that seems to be an effective and well-tolerated first-line CT for RMSGM, whereas it has only low palliative activity as a second-line CT.

Original languageEnglish
JournalAmerican Journal of Clinical Oncology: Cancer Clinical Trials
Publication statusAccepted/In press - Aug 1 2014

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