Clinical indications for image-guided interventional procedures in the musculoskeletal system: a Delphi-based consensus paper from the European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (ESSR)—part I, shoulder

L.M. Sconfienza, M. Adriaensen, D. Albano, G. Allen, M.P. Aparisi Gómez, A. Bazzocchi, I. Beggs, B. Bignotti, V. Chianca, A. Corazza, D. Dalili, M. De Dea, J.L. del Cura, F. Di Pietto, E. Drakonaki, F. Facal de Castro, D. Filippiadis, J. Gielen, S. Gitto, H. GuptaA.S. Klauser, R. Lalam, S. Martin, C. Martinoli, G. Mauri, C. McCarthy, E. McNally, K. Melaki, C. Messina, R. Mirón Mombiela, B. Neubauer, C. Olchowy, D. Orlandi, A. Plagou, R. Prada Gonzalez, S. Rutkauskas, Z. Snoj, A.S. Tagliafico, A. Talaska, V. Vasilevska-Nikodinovska, J. Vucetic, D. Wilson, F. Zaottini, M. Zappia, M. Obradov

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review


Background: Image-guided interventional procedures around the shoulder are commonly performed in clinical practice, although evidence regarding their effectiveness is scarce. We report the results of a Delphi method review of evidence on literature published on image-guided interventional procedures around the shoulder with a list of clinical indications. Methods: Forty-five experts in image-guided musculoskeletal procedures from the ESSR participated in a consensus study using the Delphic method. Peer-reviewed papers regarding interventional procedures around the shoulder up to September 2018 were scored according to the Oxford Centre for Evidence-based Medicine levels of evidence. Statements on clinical indications were constructed. Consensus was considered as strong if more than 95% of experts agreed and as broad if more than 80% agreed. Results: A total of 20 statements were drafted, and 5 reached the highest level of evidence. There were 10 statements about tendon procedures, 6 about intra-articular procedures, and 4 about intrabursal injections. Strong consensus was obtained in 16 of them (80%), while 4 received broad consensus (20%). Conclusions: Literature evidence on image-guided interventional procedures around the shoulder is limited. A strong consensus has been reached for 80% of statements. The ESSR recommends further research to potentially influence treatment options, patient outcomes, and social impact. Key Points: • Expert consensus produced a list of 20 evidence-based statements on clinical indications of image-guided interventional procedures around the shoulder. • The highest level of evidence was reached for five statements. • Strong consensus was obtained for 16 statements (80%), while 4 received broad consensus (20%).

Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)903-913
Number of pages11
JournalEuropean Radiology
Issue number2
Early online date2019
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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