Clinical progression is associated with poor prognosis whatever the treatment line in metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer: The CATS international database

N. Delanoy, A.-C. Hardy-Bessard, E. Efstathiou, S. Le Moulec, U. Basso, A. Birtle, A. Thomson, M. Krainer, A. Guillot, U. De Giorgi, A. Hasbini, G. Daugaard, A. Bahl, S. Chowdhury, O. Caffo, P. Beuzeboc, D. Spaeth, J.-C. Eymard, A. Fléchon, J. AlexandreC. Helissey, M. Butt, F. Priou, E. Lechevallier, J.-L. Deville, M. Gross-Goupil, R. Morales, A. Thiery-Vuillemin, T. Gavrikova, P. Barthélémy, A. Sella, K. Fizazi, J.-M. Ferrero, B. Laguerre, C. Thibault, S. Hans, S. Oudard

Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

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