Valutazione con eco color Doppler del getto ureterale nei pazienti con colica urinaria

Translated title of the contribution: Color Doppler sonography of the ureteral jet in urinary colic patients

Orlando Catalano, Giuseppe De Sena, Antonio Nunziata

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Purpose. To report our personal experience with color Doppler ultrasound (US) in the study of the ureterovesical jet in patients with recent renal colic. Material and methods. First, the jet was studied in 10 healthy subjects and then 42 consecutive patients with urinary colic were submitted to plain radiography, which was sometimes integrated with conventional renal tomography, and real time US to detect the stone and to study the urinary tract above. Then, color Doppler function studies were carried out with transverse scans at the trigone and with the scan plane rotated on the ureterovesical junction. Retrospectively, the jet frequency, velocity, duration, volume, direction and interval were analyzed. Finally, all patients were examined with excretory urography. Results. The jet had an anteromedial direction and exceeded the midline in the controls, with a peak velocity of 20-30 cm/s, mean duration of 15 s, mean frequency of 4-5 min and interjet interval 2-150 s. The jet was abnormal in the obstruction side in all renal colic patients; it was slow, continuous, decreased in volume and intensity, and prolonged in 26 patients - 20 of them had incomplete lumbo-iliac ureteral obstruction and 6 pyeloureteral junction stones. The jet was diverted from its orientation in 7 subjects with intramural stones. There was no jet in 9 patients and urography demonstrated complete urinary obstruction -4 at the pyeloureteral junction and 5 at the lumbo-iliac ureter. Conclusions. Color Doppler US of the ureteral jet is a valuable tool in urinary colics because it yields in real time more pieces of functional information than radiography and B-mode US and also demonstrates the grade of urinary obstruction.

Translated title of the contributionColor Doppler sonography of the ureteral jet in urinary colic patients
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)614-617
Number of pages4
JournalRadiologia Medica
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - Jun 1998

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