Consensus statement of the European Group on Graves' orbitopathy (EUGOGO) on management of GO

Luigi Bartalena, Lelio Baldeschi, Alison Dickinson, Anja Eckstein, Pat Kendall-Taylor, Claudio Marcocci, Maarten Mourits, Petros Perros, Kostas Boboridis, Antonella Boschi, Nicola Currò, Chantal Daumerie, George J. Kahaly, Gerasimos E. Krassas, Carol M. Lane, John H. Lazarus, Michele Marinò, Marco Nardi, Christopher Neoh, Jacques OrgiazziSimon Pearce, Aldo Pinchera, Susanne Pitz, Mario Salvi, Paolo Sivelli, Matthias Stahl, Georg von Arx, Wilmar M. Wiersinga

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a. All patients with GO should (Fig. 1): Be referred to specialist centers; Be encouraged to quit smoking; Receive prompt treatment in order to restore and maintain euthyroidism. b. Patients with sight-threatening GO should be treated with i.v. GCs as the first-line treatment; if the response is poor after 1-2 weeks, they should be submitted to urgent surgical decompression. c. The treatment of choice for moderate-to-severe GO is i.v. GCs (with or without OR) if the orbitopathy is active; surgery (orbital decompression, squint surgery, and/or eyelid surgery in this order) should be considered if the orbitopathy is inactive. d. In patients with mild GO, local measures and an expectant strategy are sufficient in most cases, but treatment may be justified if QoL is affected significantly.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)273-285
Number of pages13
JournalEuropean Journal of Endocrinology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2008

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