Controlling crisis-induced intermittency using its relation with a boundary crisis

Samuel Zambrano, Inés P. Mariño, Miguel A F Sanjuán

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In this paper, we show that there is a simple and intuitive relation between crisis-induced intermittency and a boundary crisis in unimodal maps and in a family of chaotic flows with strong volume contraction. This point of view allows us to identify a set of 'target points' directly from the time series of the considered system that can be used to tame crisis-induced intermittency. To do this, we use an advantageous adaptation of a control scheme that was typically used in the context of control of transient chaos. We illustrate here these ideas with the quadratic map and Rössler flow.

Original languageEnglish
Article number023025
JournalNew Journal of Physics
Publication statusPublished - Feb 11 2009

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