Cost of de novo acute myeloid leukemia induction therapy in adults: Analysis of EORTC-GIMEMA AML10 and FLANG regimens

M. Clavio, S. Quintino, B. Masoudi, S. Carrara, R. Cerri, I. Pierri, L. Canepa, M. Miglino, P. Muner, E. Damasio, M. Gobbi

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Since the social and financial impact of AML therapy is becoming more and more relevant we analyzed the cost of induction therapy of two different regimens. The first one is part of the widely employed EORTC-GIMEMA AML-10 and consists of ten days of therapy. The second (FLANG) is a short (three day), Fludarabine, Ara-C, mitoxantrone and G-CSF containing regimen. We first retrospectively analyzed the outcome of 77 consecutive AML patients with comparable clinical and haematological features receiving FLANG (25) or AML-10 (52), between June 1993 and October 1999, and observed equivalent CR rate, as well as DFS and overall survival duration. We then selected 9 non pretreated patients per group who reached CR after one course of therapy. Patients treated with FLANG had a statistically significant earlier platelet recovery compared to those treated with AML-10, fewer days of intravenous antibiotic therapy (14 / 22, respectively, p <0.05), and a shorter hospitalization period (22 / 33 days, p <0.01). FLANG was significantly more expensive than AML 10 as far as the cost of antiblastic drugs (p <0.01) and G-CSF support (p <0.05) are concerned. On the contrary, the expense for antiemetic drugs (p <0.01) and the cost of personnel and other services ($ 5,906 / $ 3,970, p <0.05) were higher for AML-10 than for FLANG. Overall, the average costs of FLANG and AML10 were $9,269 and $12,424 respectively (p <0.05; difference = -25%). Our study seems to indicate that, compared to AML-10, FLANG induction is as effective, less expensive and it allows for a decrease in the length of hospitalization and thus for better exploitation of the financial resources of Hematology-Oncology departments.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)165-173
Number of pages9
JournalJournal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2001


  • AML induction therapy
  • AML-10
  • Cost
  • Fludarabine

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