Curietherapy of oral cancer

F. Volterrani, F. Chiesa, R. Molinari

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This work concerns 406 oral carcinomas treated with curietherapy (interstitial applications and surface molds) from January 1959 to December 1970. There were 65 (16.0%) carcinomas of the mucosal surface of cheeks, 15 of the retromolar areas, alveolus and gingiva, and hard palate (3.7%), 211 of the mobile tongue (51.9%), and 115 of the floor of the mouth (28.4%). There were 132 (32.5%) T1 cases, 245 (60.3%) T2 and 29 (7.2%) T3. In 376 cases with adequate follow-up (92.6%) there were 93 (24.7%) local relapses: 83 isolated and 10 associated with a lymph nodal relapse; 49.5% of the local relapses were peripheral with respect to the treated volume (46/93). The incidence of local relapses differed only slightly for initially T1 and T2 cases (respectively 21.8% and 22.7%), whereas it was more than twice as much for initially T3 cases (53.6%). The overall incidence of radionecrotic complications was 22.0% (83/376 cases with adequate follow-up). Altogether the disease-free survival was 41.4% and 31.4% at 5 and 10 years, respectively. We think that local control of practically all treatable oral carcinomas can be obtained with a combined treatment.

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Publication statusPublished - 1982

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