Current classification systems for adult degenerative scoliosis

C. Faldini, A. Di Martino, M. De Fine, M. T. Miscione, C. Calamelli, A. Mazzotti, F. Perna

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At present, a big effort of the scientific community has been directed toward a more proper and standardized approach to the patients affected by degenerative scoliosis, and recent attention has turned toward the development of classification schemes. A literature analysis highlighted several classification schemes developed for degenerative scoliosis patients: the Simmons classification system, the Aebi system, the Faldini working classification system, the Schwab system, and the Scoliosis Research Society system. Aim of the current manuscript is to scrutinize the available literature in order to provide a comprehensive overview of these current classification schemes for adult scoliosis, by describing and commenting clinical development, limits and potential of their application together with their implications for surgical planning.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1-8
Number of pages8
JournalMusculoskeletal Surgery
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2013


  • Adult scoliosis
  • Classification
  • Degenerative
  • Surgical treatment

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  • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
  • Surgery


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