Diabete e scuola

Translated title of the contribution: Diabetes at school

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Since young children spend half their waking hours in school, it is essential for schools to have enough knowledge to keep diabetic pupils healthy and safe. Therefore staff should know something about current diabetes management and the specific issues affecting children with the disease, in order to ensure their education, health and integration.

Although Italian Law No. 115 of 1987 claims that “regional interventions aim at the integration of diabetic people in school activities, sports and working environments”, in 2008 the Alba project (Longitudinal analysis of the needs of diabetic adolescents) highlighted several problems in schools: the staff’s scant knowledge of the pathology, difficulties in correctly administering insulin, lack of emergency management plans, lack of compulsory staff training, and difficulties for pediatric diabetology centers to arrange regular training courses because of shortages of personnel. At the moment only seven Regions in Italy have their own protocols for proper treatment of diabetic children at school.

To overcome these problems, in November 2013 an integrated intervention strategy document was presented “to facilitate the integration of the diabetic child and adolescent in school, educational and training settings, in order to ensure the right to health care, education and better quality of life”. This document is a joint product of scientific societies (SIEDP), pediatricians, the Ministries of Health and Education, and representatives of regional education offices. It tackles the issue in a global way, following the recommendations of the National Plan for Diabetes.

The adoption of this document as a technical tool by the Ministries of Health and Education in order to develop national guidelines would enable children and their families to feel school as a safe and welcoming place.

Translated title of the contributionDiabetes at school
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