Diagnosi e trattamento del tumore della mammela nella donna anziana

Translated title of the contribution: Diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in elderly women

Vito Lorusso, M. Spada, M. Giampaglia, D. Cova

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The incidence of breast cancer increases dramatically as women get older. More than half of breast cancer patients are over 65 years of age at diagnosis. The authors analyzed the pattern of care on the basis of the biology and the clinical feature to support the different approaches to therapy in elderly patients. The multidimensional comprehensive geriatric assessment and the stage of aging provide the most reliable information and condition that may interfere with the cancer treatment. The use of surgery, chemotherapy, ormonotherapy or combined modalities in elderly patients are discussed. Because metastatic cancer in the elderly is a common problem some information is given in guiding clinical decision. After 80 years or more the cost-benefit of adjuvant therapy is difficult to justify. Frail patients may benefit from "gentle chemotherapy" with low toxic agents for palliation of metastatic diaseas.

Translated title of the contributionDiagnosis and treatment of breast cancer in elderly women
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)87-98
Number of pages12
JournalGeriatric and Medical Intelligence
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2004

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