Diagnostic assessment and outcome of acute pancreatitis in Italy: Results of a prospective multicentre study. ProInf-AISP: Progetto informatizzato pancreatite acuta, Associazione Italiana Studio Pancreas, phase II

G. Uomo, R. Pezzilli, A. Gabbrielli, L. Castoldi, A. Zerbi, L. Frulloni, P. De Rai, G. Cavallini, V. Di Carlo, S. Agugiaro, L. Turri, A. Bartoli, F. Barberini, G. Cavazoni, F. Bartolo, D. Della Papa, C. Bassi, N. Bassi, M. Massani, A. BenedettiG. Macarri, L. Piergallini, G. Briani, L. Bartolasi, L. Brugnano, G. M. Buonanno, C. Esposito, A. Cardovana, E. Cavina, M. Seccia, P. Lipollis, B. Musco, M. Barletta, E. Chilovi, A. De Guelmi, P. Chirletti, R. Caronna, S. Scozzafava, M. Cardi, E. Cirrino, A. Buffone, E. Colangelo, V. Caracino, F. Cortese, A. Cosentini, G. Costamagna, A. Tringali, M. Curzio, S. Clivio, S. Segato, A. D'Alessandro, V. Ambrosini, B. D'Amborsio, C. Chiodo, M. Dicillo, L. Reale, A. Grandolfo, P. Fabbrucci, A. Bruscino, P. Mugnaini, S. Ferrarese, I. Ugenti, G. B. Forte, P. Rocco, A. Franzè, A. Bertelè, G. Sereni, D. Friedman, L. M. Mariani, F. Murelli, V. Gai, C. Antro, D. Garcea, A. Gardini, E. Lucci, P. C. Giulianotti, F. Sbrana, T. Balestracci, S. M. Giulini, A. Pellizzari, M. Ronconi, S. Cimaschi, M. Grassini, S. Lacitignola, L. Caliandro, R. Mazzitelli, S. M. Costarella, A. Egidio, P. Mello Teggia, E. Stefano, P. Cassini, G. Modica, F. Lupo, G. Giraci, F. Mosca, M. Del Chiaro, G. Mosella, G. Benassai, M. Nanni, A. D'Aristotile, P. Negro, A. Pirazzoli, P. G. Rabitti, C. Romano, G. Gerardi, B. Troianello, D. Russello, A. Di Stefano, S. Avelli, M. Salvai, N. Bellini, P. Scalon, C. Staudacher, D. Parolini, M. Strazzabosco, S. Signorelli, U. Tedeschi, P. A. Testoni, E. Masci, A. Mariani, E. Torelli, M. R. Garcea, V. Lombardi, L. Cecconi, A. Valeri, L. Presenti, F. Alessio, M. Ventrucci, S. Virzì, A. Cipolla

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Background and aim: Up till now, only one study providing practically complete information on acute pancreatitis in Italy has been published. The aim of this prospective study was to evaluate the clinical characteristics, in terms of diagnostic assessment and outcome, of a large series of patients affected by acute pancreatitis in Italy. Materials and methods: The study involved 56 Italian centres, homogeneously distributed throughout the entire national territory. Each participating centre was furnished with an ad hoc software including 530 items along with subsequent collection, tabulation and quality control of the data. Results: One thousand five hundred and forty case report forms of patients affected by acute pancreatitis were collected but 367 of them (24%) were subsequently eliminated from the final analysis. Therefore, 1173 patients (581 females and 592 males) were recruited. Mean age of patients was 62.0 ± 18.2 years (95% confidence interval, 60.9-63.0). On the basis of Atlanta classification, 1006 patients (85.8%) were defined as mild and 167 (14.2%) as severe pancreatitis. Biliary forms represented the most frequent aetiological category (813 cases, 69.3%) while alcoholic forms only 6.6% (77 cases); the remaining aetiologies accounted for 7.1% (83 cases) while 200 cases (17.1%) remained without a definite aetiological factor. Complete recovery was achieved in 1016 patients (86.6%) whereas morphological sequelae were found in 121 patients (10.3%) and mortality in 36 patients (3.1%; 0.4% in mild and 19.2% in severe acute pancreatitis). Ultrasonography was largely utilised as a first line diagnostic tool in all patients, with valuable visualisation of the pancreas in 85% of patients. Computer tomography scan was also widely used, with 66.7% of exams in mild and 33.3% in severe pancreatitis. Patients affected by biliary pancreatitis presented more severe (p = 0.004) and necrotizing forms (p = 0.021). Mortality was significantly related (p <0.001) with the extension of pancreatic necrosis and with an age of over 70 years. Body mass index presented significantly greater values in severe than in mild forms (p <0.001). Conclusions: Association of creatinine serum level over 2 mg/dl with an abnormal chest X-ray showed a high significant correlation with a more severe outcome in terms of morphological sequalae and mortality (p = 0.0001). Acute pancreatitis in Italy more commonly presents biliary aetiology and favourable outcome with low rate of complications and mortality. From a cost-effectiveness standpoint, diagnostic approach to this disease needs to be better standardised.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)829-837
Number of pages9
JournalDigestive and Liver Disease
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - Sep 2007


  • Acute Pancreatitis
  • Clinical outcome
  • Computed tomography
  • Diagnosis
  • Pancreatic necrosis
  • Pancreatitis
  • Prognosis
  • Ultrasonography

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