Diagnostic performance of the atopy patch test with inhalant allergens

Nicola Fuiano, G. Diddi, M. Delvecchio, C. Incorvaia

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Background: This study evaluated the diagnostic performance of the atopy patch test (APT) compared with skin prick testing (SPT) and in vitro IgE measurement in a large group of patients with atopic dermatitis (AD) with or without respiratory symptoms (RS). Methods: The study included 521 patients (292 males, 229 females; age, 0.5-18 years; median age, 6 years) with AD and RS with different clinical presentations: current AD, 47 patients (Group A); current AD and RS, 72 patients (Group B), past AD and RS, 69 patients (Group C); and RS only, 280 patients (Group D). Fifty-three healthy individuals served as controls. All participants underwent the APT, SPT, and CAP/RAST with the most common inhalant allergens. The presence of a control group allowed calculation of specificity and positive and negative predictive values. Results: A significant difference was found for a positive APT versus both SPT and CAP/RAST (P


  • Atopy patch test
  • Diagnostic performance
  • In vitro IgE test
  • Skin prick test
  • Specificity

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