Differences in clinicopathological features and distribution of risk factors in Italian melanoma patients

P. Fava, C. Astrua, A. Chiarugi, E. Crocetti, N. Pimpinelli, M. C. Fargnoli, A. Maurichi, P. Rubegni, A. M. Manganoni, U. Bottoni, C. Catricalà, S. Cavicchini, M. Santinami, M. Alaibac, A. Annetta, A. Borghi, P. Calzavara Pinton, R. Capizzi, R. Clerico, E. ColomboM. T. Corradin, P. De Simone, F. Fantini, C. Ferreli, G. Filosa, V. Girgenti, E. Giulioni, C. Guarneri, A. Lamberti, P. Lisi, P. Nardini, M. Papini, K. Peris, M. A. Pizzichetta, C. Salvini, P. Savoia, D. Strippoli, E. Tolomio, M. A. Tomassini, G. A. Vena, L. Zichichi, A. Patrizi, G. Argenziano, M. Simonacci, P. Quaglino

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Background: No studies are available in the literature on the distribution of different melanoma features and risk factors in the Italian geographical areas. Objective: To identify the differences in clinical-pathological features of melanoma, the distribution of risk factors and sun exposure in various Italian macro-areas. Methods: Multicentric-observational study involving 1,472 melanoma cases (713 north, 345 centre, 414 south) from 26 referral centres belonging to the Italian Multidisciplinary Group for Melanoma. Results: Melanoma patients in northern regions are younger, with thinner melanoma, multiple primaries, lower-intermediate phototype and higher counts of naevi with respect to southern patients; detection of a primary was mostly connected with a physician examination, while relatives were more involved in the south. Northern patients reported a more frequent use of sunbeds and occurrence of sunburns before melanoma despite sunscreen use and a lower sun exposure during the central hours of the day. Conclusions: The understanding of differences in risk factors distribution could represent the basis for tailored prevention programmes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)256-262
Number of pages7
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Mar 19 2015


  • Dermato-oncology
  • Epidemiology
  • Melanoma
  • Risk factors

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