Disabilita nel soggetto con lacerazione completa della cuffia dei rotatori

Translated title of the contribution: Disability in subjects with full thickness tear of the rotatory cuff

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Twenty-five subjects with full thickness tear of the rotatory cuff (Fttrc) have been studied for the purpose of determining the extent of these subjects' disability and of getting some useful data for a suitable rehabilitation programme. All patients underwent an assessment of their functional abilities, pain, passive and active mobility of the shoulder. This study showed that Fttrc involves limitations in all the activities which require the simultaneous action of both upper limbs and which are mainly aimed at carrying out houseworks. The study also pointed out that the disability resulting firm Fttrc is greater in subjects who do not use aids regularly and feel acute pain in their shoulder. The Authors maintain the need to add occupational therapy to the usual rehabilitation treatments, since this therapy may decrease Fttrc patient's disability through the performance of alternative movements and the systematic use of specific aids.

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Publication statusPublished - 1998


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