Do patients with rectosigmoid adenomas 5 mm or less in diameter need total colonoscopy?

Stefania Sciallero, Luigina Bonelli, Hugo Aste, Tino Casetti, Elisabetta Bertinelli, Stefania Bartolini, Roberto Parri, Guido Castiglione, Paola Mantellini, Massimo Costantini, Carlo Naldoni, Paolo Bruzzi

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Background: The need for colonoscopy in the care of patients with rectosigmoid adenoma 5 mm or less in diameter is still debatable. Methods: We estimated the prevalence of proximal adenomas among 3052 consecutive subjects undergoing total colonoscopy. Rectosigmoid adenoma was classified as diminutive (5 mm), small (6 to 10 mm), or large (≥11 mm). Advanced proximal adenoma was 10 mm in diameter or larger, or with a villous component, severe dysplasia, or infiltrating adenocarcinoma. Results: Proximal adenoma was found in 212 of 2483 patients (8.5%, 95% CI [7.5, 9.7]) without distal neoplastic polyps, 49 of 214 (22.9%, 95% CI [17.6, 29.2]) with diminutive, 44 of 174 (25.3%, 95% CI [19.1, 32.5] with small, and 70 of 181 (38.7%, 95% CI [31.6, 46.2]) with large distal adenoma. Advanced proximal adenoma was found in 49 (2.0%, 95% CI [1.5, 2.6]), 8 (3.7%, 95% CI [1.7, 7.5]), 17 (9.8%, 95% CI [6.0, 15.4]), and 29 patients (16.0%, 95% [11.2, 22.4]), respectively. In patients with distal adenoma risk for proximal lesions increased with increasing age, size, and number of distal adenomas (p = 0.01). Size of distal adenoma was the strongest predictor of the presence of proximal advanced adenoma (multivariate analyses). Conclusions: In a clinical setting, the decision to perform colonoscopy should take into account proximal lesions of clinical interest, life expectancy, costs, and risks associated with the procedure. When detection of advanced proximal adenoma is the goal, presence of distal diminutive adenoma alone might not be an indication for total colonoscopy.

Original languageEnglish
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Number of pages8
JournalGastrointestinal Endoscopy
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1999

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