La prescrizione farmaceutica pediatrica nell'ambito delle cure primarie. Rapporto dalla banca dati ARNO

Translated title of the contribution: Drug prescribing for children in general practice. A report from the ARNO database

E. Rossi, M. De Rosa, M. Bonati, A. Covezzoli, P. Busca, A. Addis, G. Tognoni, O. Costantini, M. De Cal, A. Gris, P. Borin, L. Bugada, G. Pilotto, M. D. Bona, M. Cecchetto, M. P. Cariolato, P. Borga, R. Gallo, A. Maroni, F. BenozzoP. Valpondi, R. Venchierutti, L. Furlanetto, H. Pelosi, M. Vezzani, O. Basadonna, M. Osti, A. Pedrini, A. Palozzo, A. M. Grio, F. Bano, M. Ragazzi, E. Draghi, M. G. Zogno, L. Cordiano, L. Monti, N. Merise, V. Lolli, M. C. Fruttarolo, B. Colobini, L. Mezzalira, A. B. Salmaso, R. Fratton, L. Castellani, T. Gargano, M. Canessa, D. Garibaldi, L. Mazzarri, F. Bellomo, P. Feroci, F. Bardelli, L. Bruscoli, G. Gasperini, R. Taliani, M. Contino, M. Rais, M. Saglietto, D. Masoni, F. Di Lascia, I. Baratta

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ARGO is a system designed for the online monitoring of drug prescriptions made outside the hospital setting for local health units that has been active since 1998. The system merges information regarding prescriptions, the population and the community setting into a single database. ARGO functions through an Extranet system built with Ianus technology that guarantees information security. For the first time, a formal analysis of the prescriptions concerning the pediatric population was carried out. The analysis involved all pediatric prescriptions made in 1998 in the 18 local health units (that at the time were part of the ARNO Project). The main results, contained in this report, are cause for discussion in terms of the quantity and quality of pediatric care and of pharmaceutical expenditure in the pediatric population. The identification of problems/needs provides useful indications not only to those health workers that provide care, but also to those in charge of planning health care services and interventions.

Translated title of the contributionDrug prescribing for children in general practice. A report from the ARNO database
Original languageItalian
Pages (from-to)26-29
Number of pages4
JournalGiornale Italiano di Farmacia Clinica
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2001

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