Effect of D2-dopamine receptor antagonist levosulpiride on diabetic cholecystoparesis: A double-blind crossover study

C. Mansi, V. Savarino, S. Vigneri, L. Sciaba, D. Perilli, M. R. Mele, G. Celle, M. Carlo

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Background: Abnormal gall-bladder motility has been reported in diabetics. The objective was to evaluate the effect of chronic D2-dopamine receptor inhibition on gallbladder emptying in diabetic patients. Methods: Under double-blind placebo-controlled conditions and according to a crossover design, patients were randomly assigned to receive either 4 weeks treatment with levosulpiride 25 mg t.d.s. or 4 weeks treatment with placebo, with an interval of 15 days. Twenty-three consecutive long-standing, insulin-treated diabetics with autonomic neuropathy were studied. Measurements: At the beginning of the study and after levosulpiride or placebo treatment, gall-bladder emptying was measured ultrasonically by evaluating the gall-bladder volume in basal conditions and every 15 min for 90 min after the ingestion of a standard meal. Statistical analysis of the results was performed by means of analysis of variance. Results: Levosulpiride treatment reduced the basal mean gall-bladder volume from 21.6±2.3 to 18.6±2.3 mL (P <0.05). Furthermore, the residual gall-bladder volume (9.3 ± 1.4 mL) was significantly reduced compared to the corresponding pre-treatment volume (14.6 ± 1.5 mL (P <0.05)). In placebo-treated patients, no significant differences were observed in gall-bladder volumes before and after treatment. Conclusion: These results show that chronic oral administration of the D2-dopamine antagonist levosulpiride has a significant effect on gall-bladder motility in diabetic patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)185-189
Number of pages5
JournalAlimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 1995

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