Effect of thyroid state on enzymatic and non-enzymatic processes in H2O2 removal by liver mitochondria of male rats

P. Venditti, G. Napolitano, D. Barone, I. Coppola, S. Di Meo

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We investigated thyroid state effect on capacity of rat liver mitochondria to remove exogenously produced H2O2, determining their ability to decrease fluorescence generated by an H2O2 detector system. The rate of H2O2 removal by both non respiring and respiring mitochondria was increased by hyperthyroidism and decreased by hypothyroidism. However, the rate was higher in the presence of respiratory substrates, in particular pyruvate/malate, indicating a respiration-dependent process. Generally, the changes in H2O2 removal rates mirrored those in H2O2 release rates excluding the possibility that endogenous and exogenous H2O2 competed for the removing system. Pharmacological inhibition revealed thyroid state-linked differences in antioxidant enzyme contribution to H2O2 removal which were consistent with those in antioxidant system activities. The H2O2 removal was only in part due to enzymatic systems and that imputable to non-enzymatic processes was higher in hyperthyroid and lower in hypothyroid mitochondria. The levels of cytochrome c and the light emissions, due to luminol oxidation catalyzed by cytochrome/H2O2, exhibited similar changes with thyroid state supporting the idea that non-enzymatic scavenging was mainly due to hemoprotein action, which produces hydroxyl radicals. Further support was obtained showing that the whole antioxidant capacity, which provides an evaluation of capacity of the systems, different from cytochromes, assigned to H2O2 scavenging, was lower in hyperthyroid than in hypothyroid state. In conclusion, our results show that mitochondria from hyperthyroid liver have a high capacity for H2O2 removal, which, however, leading in great part to more reactive oxygen species, results harmful for such organelles.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)57-63
Number of pages7
JournalMolecular and Cellular Endocrinology
Publication statusPublished - Mar 5 2015


  • HO release
  • HO removal
  • Liver mitochondria
  • Thyroid state

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