Effects of renal denervation on renin release in response to tilting and furosemide

A. Stella, A. Zanchetti

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In anesthetized cats head-up tilting for 30 min and infusion of furosemide at 0.75 mg/kg in 30 min significantly raised renin release from the innervated kidney (increments of 90.7±21.4 ng/min on tilting and 105.4±26.4 ng/min after furosemide); a small and inconstant increase from the contralateral denervated kidney (increments of 16.8±16.0 and 16.3±17.7 ng/min, resp.) was abolished by acute bilateral adrenalectomy. Larger doses of furosemide (6.0 mg/kg) could release renin from the denervated kidney also, but the response was still more marked on the innervated side especially in the early period of infusion (increments of 132.7±23.8 and 33.7±23.8 ng/min on innervated and denervated sides at 10 min). The response of the denervated kidney to 6.0 mg furosemide/kg was not affected by adrenalectomy. Stimulation of juxtaglomerular cells by tilting is entirely due to sympathoadrenergic activation; stimulation by furosemide is also entirely neural when the diuretic drug is given in moderate doses, but is partly independent of innervation when larger doses are administered.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationAmerican Journal of Physiology
Publication statusPublished - 1977

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