Efficacy and safety of device-assisted enteroscopy ERCP in liver transplantation: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Francesca Ferretti, Mirella Fraquelli, Paolo Cantù, Roberto Penagini, Giovanni Casazza, Maurizio Vecchi, Stefania Orlando, Federica Invernizzi, Federica Branchi, Francesca Maria Donato, Luca Elli

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Background: Enterobiliary anastomoses are the main source of complications after liver transplantation. An endoscopic approach combining device-assisted enteroscopy and ERCP (DAE-ERCP) is technically feasible in postsurgical anatomy. Aims: This study aimed at assessing the efficacy, feasibility, and safety of DAE-ERCP in liver-transplanted patients (LT) and other subsets (non-LT). Methods: A systematic review and meta-analysis of studies involving DAE procedures in LT patients (between January 2000 and May 2017) was conducted. The main endpoints were as follows: endoscopic, diagnostic, therapeutic, and overall success rates, complications, and the need for surgery. Results: A total of 155 studies were retrieved, and 6 relevant trials were analyzed. Overall, 132 subjects (72 LT and 60 non-LT) undergoing 257 DAE-ERCP (135 and 122) were included. Complications were rare (4/257), and no deaths occurred. These are the pooled success rates among LT and non-LT patients: 80%-100% and 82%-95% (enteroscopic), 75%-100% and 89%-100% (diagnostic), 67%-100% and 92%-100% (therapeutic), and 60%-100% and 79%-83% (overall results). The requirement for surgery was similar in the two subgroups. Conclusion: In managing biliary complications, the high diagnostic and therapeutic success rates of DAE-ERCP combined with its safety and feasibility encourage its application as a first-line approach to transplanted patients.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere13864
JournalClinical Transplantation
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2020

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