Emerging biological agents for hepatitis C

Valentina Zuccaro, Paola Columpsi, Alice Apollinari, Paolo Sacchi, Marco Mussa, Andrea Schimmenti, Maria Grazia Lucà, Stefano Fagiuoli, Raffaele Bruno

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ABSTRACT: Introduction: New direct-acting antiviral agents have changed the landscape of treatment of chronic HCV infection. Despite current treatments are well tolerated with a high rate of sustained virological response (SVR), some medical needs remain. Nowadays there are a large number of approved medications for the treatment of HCV infection; nevertheless, new studies are conducted to find new agents and new combinations. Areas covered: A literature research of new antiviral compounds indicated for the treatment of HCV infection was achieved by an online search of medication undergoing development on Pubmed and clinicalTrials.gov clinical trials registry. We considered phase I/II studies and some randomized Phase III trials. Expert opinion: More knowledge about impact of HCV eradication on disease progression and more confidence regarding drug-drug interaction are needed. Furthermore, each treatment should be individualized targeting the patients needs with the aim not only to obtain viral suppression but also to stop progression of liver disease and HCV related conditions, and to improve patient health status.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)219-224
Number of pages6
JournalExpert Opinion on Emerging Drugs
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - Apr 2 2016


  • DAA’s
  • direct antiviral agents
  • HCV
  • therapy

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