EMG surface recording during perineal endurance test

M. P. Achilli, C. Guarnaschelli, A. Cucchi, N. Arrigoni, G. Felicetti

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In this work the authors studied the EMG surface association with intravaginal pressure variations during endurance test consisting in 30 maximal contractions of the levator ani, gluteus maximus and rectus abdominis. We tested 10 patients (mean age 35-60 years) affected by stress incontinence. Each patient underwent endurance test during the examination. EMG surface activity of the muscles described were studied together with intravaginal pressure variations. After 30 repetitions, the percentage decrease of the median frequency of the surface EMG signals recorded from the above mentioned muscles and the percentage decrease in intravaginal peak pressure were studied. The linear association between the parameters relating to the median frequency and those of the peak pressures were investigated by linear regression analysis. No significant correlations were found between the percentage decreases in the median frequency of the various muscles and percentage decreases in intravaginal peak pressure. The percentage decrease of the levator ani, gluteus maximus and rectus abdominis were tested one against another in a t-test for paired data. Neither of the comparisons were significant (p>0.05 and p>0.01, respectively), indicating that the median frequency of the above mentioned muscles is similar in all three muscles. The preliminary results obtained are encouraging, showing a systematic lowering of the median frequency in all the muscle groups and fatigue increases. One possible use of this test could be that of identifying the onset of fatigue in pelvic floor muscles, during retraining sessions. Another interesting possibility lies in identifying precise parameters for monitoring the efficacy of a specific rehabilitative treatment.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)157-161
Number of pages5
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1999

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