Endoscopic Nd: YAG laser therapy for villous adenomas of the right colon

M. Conio, F. X. Caroli-Bosc, R. Filiberti, R. Dumas, P. Rouquier, J. F. Demarquay, H. Aste, S. Marchi, J. P. Delmont

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Background: Endoscopic laser therapy is considered an acceptable treatment of benign colorectal adenomas. The aim of our study was to evaluate the efficacy of Nd:YAG laser to ablate right-sided colonic sessile adenomas. Methods: Between January 1990 and February 1996, 56 patients underwent laser therapy because of high operative risk or refusal of surgery. Lesions were located as follows: cecum (23), ascending, (15), and hepatic flexure (18). Six patients (10.7%) had multiple polyps in the ascending colon. Histologic examination showed a tubulovillous pattern in 20 (35.7%) and a villous pattern in 36 (64.3%). Low-grade dysplasia was detected in 44 patients (78.5%) and high-grade dysplasia in 12 (21.4%). Results: The number of laser sessions ranged between 1 and 6 (median 3) and complete ablation, histologically confirmed, was achieved in 49 cases (87.5%). Seven patients (12.5%) underwent surgery: 2 for incomplete tumor destruction, 3 because of invasive carcinoma on repeated biopsies. Two patients (3.6%) had complications (one perforation of the cecum and one hemorrhage). Follow-up ranged from 6 to 60 months and no recurrences were observed. Conclusion: Laser therapy is an effective method for the destruction of sessile adenomas of the right colon in selected patients.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)504-508
Number of pages5
JournalGastrointestinal Endoscopy
Issue number4 I
Publication statusPublished - 1999

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