Epidemiology of cypress pollen allergy in montpellier

D. Caimmi, R. Raschetti, P. Pons, H. Dhivert-Donnadieu, P. J. Bousquet, J. Bousquet, P. Demoly

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Background: Cupressaceae pollen allergy is a worldwide winter pollinosis. Exposure to cypress pollen has increased enormously during recent decades, and cypress pollen allergy has become a major health problem, especially in Mediterranean countries. Objectives: We aimed to evaluate the prevalence of cypress pollen sensitization and allergy in the Montpellier area and the symptoms presented by sensitized patients. Methods: We included all 6185 consecutive patients who were referred to our center for any allergic disorder during a 36-month period. For each patient, we evaluated skin prick test results, allergy symptoms, pulmonary function test results, and the need for allergen immunotherapy. Results: We found that 20.7% of patients were sensitized to cypress pollen and 46.4% presented symptoms during the pollen season. The main symptoms were rhinoconjunctivitis and asthma. Oral allergy syndrome to peach was detected in 4% of sensitized and symptomatic patients. Allergen immunotherapy was necessary to control symptoms in 57.9% of cases. Conclusions: Cypress pollen allergy is one of the leading causes of respiratory allergy in the Montpellier area. Symptoms are often severe and include pollen-induced asthma. Moreover, many patients need allergen immunotherapy in order to achieve better control of their symptoms.


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  • Cypress
  • Epidemiology
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